In yesterday’s game situation I emphasised a drill on offensive pressing. Today instead we work on reading the defensive line.

defensive line

The field is divided into three sectors. In the second sector a 4 vs 3 takes place; the four blue players of the defensive line together with the two yellow supports (who must remain in the first sector) have the objective of overcoming the pressure of three red attackers and pass the ball to one of the two blue teammates positioned in the third sector.

As soon as the ball reaches the next sector at least one team-mate of the defensive line must follow the action. Thus a 4 vs. 3 develops, where the blue attackers have the objective of overtaking their rivals to go for the final goal.

The red defensive line has to work out, depending on the pressure on the ball, whether to break forward or defend depth behind them.

The two yellow supports cannot be pressed

If the red team recovers the ball in the second sector, they must enter the first sector, pass the two yellow opponents and finish in the goal defended by the goalkeeper. If the red team recovers the ball in the third sector, they must consolidate possession and earn a point after 10 consecutive transmissions.

The coach must emphasise the readings of the defensive line in the non-possession phase both at the level of individual tactics (Position taking, Marking, Intercepting and anticipating, Countering and Defending the goal) and departmental tactics (Defensive staggering, Defensive concentration, Defensive balance, Control and risk limitation and Delaying and delaying action).


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