Offensive combination for the 4 3 3


At this time I am preparing for the upcoming season that will see me involved with the under 17. I liked to move on classic forms with some variations. Browsing the Internet, I was pleasantly struck by this offensive combination.

We are in the offensive phase with a 4 3 3 form team in possession of the ball. The action is developed to bring 5 players into the attack.

The center forward makes a sideline with the midfielder who with the right timing allows the full-backs and outside players to enter the offensive development.

Should the ball be lost it still remains good defensive coverage.

In my opinion in the under 17s it is interesting to start introducing these mechanisms because they allow the boys to test themselves both on precision and speed of execution of technique and on a broader view of timing and insertions for tactical management.

The development of offensive combinations in the 4 3 3 has many variations, but the purpose is to increase the ability to communicate and collaborate among the boys, which becomes crucial for a successful match of these mechanisms.

These topics are constantly evolving and developing.

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