In recent years, counterpressure has to be considered the key tactical feature of many teams. For Jurgen Klopp, for example, it is fundamental to his style of play, which he implemented both at Borussia Dortmund and now at Liverpool F.C.

Instead of falling back into the normal defensive position when losing the ball, his team immediately presses against the opposing ball carrier to prevent a counterattack by the opposing team and trying to regain possession of the game.


In the inner square the game 4 vs. 2 (4 green vs. 2 gray players) . When the two gray defenders get hold of the ball they play it to one of their teammates outside the square.
The game then turns into a 6 vs. 4 (6 gray vs. 4 green players) in the large square.

The 4 green players immediately switch to counter-pressure by implementing a press to regain the ball as quickly as possible (preferably within 5 to 10 seconds ).
If the green players regain the ball they return inside the square with two more gray players. Teams get one point for every 10 successful passes.

The size of the field obviously depends on the skill level of the players.

The kids have a lot of fun and the coach does not have to explain many situations to them. If you can then carry out the drill with healthy competition by dividing the various boys into several teams you will get good benefits in a short time.

Have fun!

These topics are constantly evolving and developing.

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