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Several of you, in the past few days have asked me for useful software to develop and animate exercises taking advantage of the tactical whiteboard.

There are several on the market both free and paid.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to use several of them although then personally, although I have been involved in computer science for work for more than 30 years, for reasons of time and mentality I draw directly on a sheet of paper the exercises taking advantage of the free moments between work, family and other commitments.

Among the various software and apps available by researching also among various friends and professionals in the field, I found an interesting (widely used) tool to look into.

Free, simple and immediate. On tactical-board.com  you will find an online tactical board that allows you to deploy two teams and recreate various game situations both static and dynamic.

It is possible to export everything by saving in image format or by creating downloadable animations later in video format.

In the case of the video, the only caveat is that once you save the video to share it and have it displayed you will have to use a youtube channel (just have an email with gmail and authenticate on youtube.com) so that the video will be available for viewing from Tablets and Smartphones automatically without too many file turns.

Tactical-board.com  provides over 15 different sports (soccer, basketball, field hockey, handball, and others) and for most sports, 3 views of the field are available: horizontal, half, vertical.

In each sport you are provided with a set of players of different colors with the ability to set the name and number. You can rotate the players.

In addition to players you can draw different shapes (rectangles, ellipses, lines, custom areas, text, etc.).

Since it often occurs in the thoughts and reasoning of us coaches to use the tactical board this can be a useful and immediate tool to meet our needs.

If you would like more detailed information about the program just presented or if you would like to learn more about this type of topic and that is computer tools useful to the coach please contact me through the website.

Good work!!!

These topics are constantly evolving and developing.

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