Yesterday at our place in Parma it was really hot, and the longing for summer combined with the fatigue of adjusting to the new temperatures made everyone lose focus and desire to get things done.

So I adapted a motor exercise that I had seen on the internet a while back with ball technique drills and shooting on goal to keep the kids as entertained as possible but still make them work on both athletic and technical fundamentals.

The boys all have a ball and play in a field with 4 goals. The coach calls the color of the goal in which the players must score and the players must both score goals but also at the same time prevent the other team’s players from doing so.

The team that scores the most goals obviously wins and performs the athletic part matched to the color of the goal called (obstacles, ladder, supports or paths) and then stands outside the square in front of one of the outside pote.

The team that lost in the meantime retrieves the balls and from inside the square field, on the coach’s go, passes the balls to the players of the winning team for a first-period shot into the goal outside the field.

The goals scored in this second part are equivalent to another game that will take place over four runs.

There will then be at least four inside-square plays and as many chances to win by the two teams in order to then take the shots on goal and thus win this game mode as well.

The kids have fun and the spirit of competition keeps them on the ball with a high level of concentration on both the technical and athletic parts.

These topics are constantly evolving and developing.

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