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TEamOrg is a management software for sports clubs. It is my great pleasure to announce the collaboration with the company (Project D) that developed this management software for two points above all:
First point The person who developed the software was and is a youth soccer coach. So he is a person who comes from the environment of soccer clubs, has been around them for a long time, and with the software has tried to improve the weaknesses that normally exist especially in a soccer club secretariat.
Second point a sports association (not only soccer) can take advantage of the program at zero cost for one year and the symbolic disbursement of 10 euros for the possible renewal of the second year (at you can find all the more precise information).
I believe that it is essential for a sports club to have all the information about its members under control especially organized so as to comply with current legal regulations. Here are some examples of the program.

Checking expired or expiring medical certificate.

Gestionale per società sportive

Printing of the visit reservation

Gestionale per società sportive

Athlete card

Gestionale per società sportive

Accounting and printing of payment receipts

If you are looking for a management software for your Sports Association, easy to use and that costs little money surely TEamOrg is for you. 1070 Sports Associations have already chosen it .

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Starting today, updates and special features of TEamOrg will be featured in the Mystery blog under tools.

gestionale per società sportive

These topics are constantly evolving and developing.

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