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The deflector is a tool designed for goalkeepers training and stems from the need to create increasingly varied and original exercises.


Its main function is to alter the trajectory of the ball. Thanks to its special double-sloping shape – actually – it is possible to obtain the change of lateral direction as well as the upward deflection of the ball.

The deflector can be used both for practising direct shots on goal and  training the reading of the trajectory inside the area.


In case of close-range shots, the tool forces the goalkeeper to be very reactive, thus simulating game situations in which goalkeepers are required to act quickly. Reactivity is one of the key components for players in this role, and the deflector succeeds perfectly in stimulating the goalkeeper’s reflexes, allowing him to maintain high concentration and focus.

When using the deflector on crosses – on the other hand – the player brings his attention to the correction of the foot placement and practices a very important and not to be underestimated aspect of the save, which is the anticipation.

The two strengths of the deflector are its manoeuvrability and the ability to replicate activities quickly while maintaining the intensity of the training session.

The tool – made of a plastic polymer with an aluminium structure – is extremely practical and light. It weighs only 4 kilos and, thanks to its ergonomic handles, is very comfortable and quick to move. It can be positioned in any area of the pitch, taking very little time in the process.

Goalkeeper coaches know very well how crucial it is to optimise time during training.

Of essential importance is the playful side of the tool, both for the goalkeeper and the coach.

We won’t certainly miss amazing and striking goolkeepers actions, Francesco Rizzolini’s word!

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